Welcome to CitiesCorp! 

Inspired by all the cool city building simulations, CitiesCorp Concept is an indie-game for all the passionate majors that love to see new ideas and visions turn into reality. 

CitiesCorp Concept proudly represents the meaning of what can be different in a city building simulation – scale and shape your buildings, decide the textures, set own production lines or even decide which traffic signs have to be deployed – in other words, do what you probably have missed in other city building games for many years. 

CitiesCorp Concept is just the beginning – Your support will help us to push innovation in the city simulation genre to its edges, because we love to build cities as well. 


CitiesCorp means that a corporation is taking over the responsibility – so in fact, there are no majors, just CEOs. Your corporation takes care about housing, jobs, products and its own profits. In return, there are no taxes – neither to the corporation nor to the population. 

What is IN? What can be played today? 

- Map that is equivalent to 10km x 10km, 
- Scale buildings, 
- Shape buildings, 
- Numerous in-game building textures, 
- Creating building complexes through a simple and effective overlapping,
- Multiple building functionalities,
- Challenging economy with hundreds of products to be produced and sold, 
- Flexible street building system, 
- Street signs and lightning for cope with traffic jams. 

What is NOT IN (yet)? 
- Balanced economy - this is a milestone for the upcoming weeks and months, 
- Public buildings, e.g. police, schools, hospitals etc. 
- Landscapes - at the moment it is just a flat land, 
- Public transport, e.g. trains, busses etc., 
- Curvy roads, 
- Tax system – and do not even ask for it. 

CitiesCorp is a very flexible concept so that with sufficient help of the community, everything and even more is possible. The plan is to incorporate some of the functions that are already well known to the community at a later point in time. 


Please keep in mind that city simulations are usually very CPU and GPU intensive. 
o OS: Windows® 7 
o Processor: Core i7 - 3 GHz or equivalent 
o Memory: 8 GB RAM 
o Graphics: GeForce 8 Series or equivalent 
o Hard Drive: 1 GB available space 

Being below the specs is not a showstopper at all, but the game will be significantly slower when your city will grow.